Uglyography's gift to THE WORLD! We present to you our brand new free EP, Greeting Cards! Stream it, download it, share it, import it into your music libraries ... it is now ALL YOURS to do with and fantasize about as you please! The entire running length is about eight and a half minutes and the EP consists of four songs. We have short attention spans and trust that you do as well. Get the sound as four quickies and/or a single 8.5 minute track of pure gold quirkadlic rock!

Download as a full zip file (exclusive photobook included) by clicking here or stream it below:

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The Tale So Far ...

With four releases under its belt, Uglyography has become an ever in-flux-uating force of good spirit through music since 2005.  Hailing from Hampton Roads, VA it has been a one-man band, a tricky trio, a powerhouse foursome, and now its quirkiest carnation yet: a guitar-free trio comprised only of bass, drums, and synth, performing short in your face beautiful punkish ditties.  We call it quirkadelic rock but you can call it what you want.  Thank you for opening your mind. We hope you'll consider being our fan.

Matt Thomas:
iWood Quirkatronic

The founding member and inventor of musical pieces, Matt performs on his iPhone powered synthesizer that he wears over his body.  He is in an obsessive quest to hit a magical frequency combination that will suck him into a reverse wormhole back to the 1870's. He enjoys searching for tupperware in the woods.

Albert Dimaggio:
Electric Bass

Weaving melodies and foundation through the low frequency range, Al is wonder of chops, licks, and terribly overdriven yet fabulous booty shaking source from his bass guitar.  He is a victim of a one in a million chance, but enjoys his plight by performing quirkadelic rock. He has a Road Warrior tattoo.


It's all in the beard.  Or lack thereof.  DJ has an unworldly ability to go from clean shaven to mountain man in the blink of an eye, and back again. His drumming skills illustrate this. DJ allows stinky strangers to break noise laws in his kitchen once a week.

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Get the first three albums into your library from the iTunes store.  If you do not use itunes, a google search for our albums will bring up literally hundreds of retailers you can buy from digitally!

Four Shafts are Uglier than One (CD)

Released January 2012, this is the first full-band effort that included Jack Morgan on guitar.  10 songs, approximately 25 minutes. Order from Steamy Attic Records

Undercover New Machine (CD)

The second album composed and performed by Matt Thomas.  Includes "My Brain," "Undercover New Machine,"  and 12 others. Pure quirkadelic rock.  Order from Steamy Attic Records

Love Boat (Limited Edition CD)

Uglyography's debut album! The CD comes in a wooden case, with the cover image burned, limited to 100 copies.  Only a couple small stacks left!
Order from Steamy Attic Records

T-Shirt (Love Boat)

Wear your love of Uglyography for all to see!  Designed based on the cover art from Love Boat, this shirt will bring out your ugly spirit!
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