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EVIL RAYS - Uglyography's 4th full length album was released March 2017 and has been well received with critical acclaim! It is together both the most accessible and the most weird Uglyography album to date! Available on iTunes, Amazon, and other digital retailers, and copies are always available at our shows.

Uglyography - Evil Rays

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Want a free Digital EP?

Uglyography's free gift to your digital device, here is a true quick taste of quirkadelic rock, the 8.5 minute EP GREETING CARDS. Stream it, download it, share it, import it into your music libraries ...please yourself with it! There are four fast ditties here. We have short attention spans and trust that you do as well.

Download as a full zip file here or stream it below:

What is Quirkadelic™ ?

Bzzzzzzz. Bleeeep. Whirrrrrr. Initiating musical infiltration and quirkification sequence.


Sequence complete.


With three albums and an EP under its belt and with a fourth full-length disc, “Evil Rays,” to be released March 31, 2017, Uglyography has been making the Hampton Roads, Virginia, music scene more strangely melodic since 2005.


It has been a one-man band, a powerhouse foursome and the group is now a very tight trio performing short-ish, punk-ish, beautiful-ish anthems that should, in theory, make you think.


Uglyography doesn’t fit neatly into any familiar genre — punk, prog, indie, alternative — so we like to call it Quirkadelic™. Of course, you’re free to call it whatever you damn well please. This is America, after all.

Matt Thomas

A pioneer of countless off-kilter musical landscapes, Matt is also the father of the iWood Quirkatronic, a keytar-like instrument powered by a smartphone and bearing a slight resemblance to a TV tray. In the current lineup of Uglyography, Matt also plays bass guitar and sings. Uglyography’s mastermind, he’s been plugging, caressing and flogging his unique, brain-bending rock vision since 2005. Matt previously performed locally with the Outer Loop among other cabals of punky miscreants in southeastern Virginia.

Sam McDonald

Guitar stringbender extraordinaire and Quirkadelic™ riff master supreme, Sam was a longtime fan and supporter of Uglyography long before being inducted into its ranks. After years of secretly sharpening his axe skills, he burst forth and started chopping with Uglyography in 2016. When Matt straps on his Quirkatronic, Sam picks up the bass and keeps the low end blasting. He also lends a punky touch to the band’s music with his wailing, adenoidal backing vocals. Sam previously chronicled the ups and downs of the Hampton Roads music scene as columnist for the Daily Press in Newport News, Virginia.

Jeff Liscombe

Feral and full of frenzy, Jeff has brought a new brand of energy and aggression to the sound affectionately known as Quirkadelic™. Perhaps best known as the tribalistic drummer for experimentalists Human Services or the Rat Ward’s resident noisemaker for no-fi, Jeff started contributing his beating skills to Uglyography in 2016 to expand his musical mind and try something … different.

How can I Buy Your Stuff?

Buy music on iTunes

Get the all the albums into your library from the iTunes store.  If you do not use itunes, a google search for our albums will bring up literally hundreds of retailers you can buy from digitally!

Four Shafts are Uglier than One (CD)

Released January 2012, this is the first full-band effort that included Jack Morgan on guitar.  10 songs, approximately 25 minutes. Order from Steamy Attic Records

Undercover New Machine (CD)

The second album composed and performed by Matt Thomas.  Includes "My Brain," "Undercover New Machine,"  and 12 others. Pure quirkadelic rock.  Order from Steamy Attic Records

Love Boat (Limited Edition CD)

Uglyography's debut album! The CD comes in a wooden case, with the cover image burned, limited to 100 copies.  Only a couple small stacks left!
Order from Steamy Attic Records

T-Shirt (Love Boat)

Wear your love of Uglyography for all to see!  Designed based on the cover art from Love Boat, this shirt will bring out your ugly spirit!
Order from Steamy Attic Records

How do I Contact You?

  • Email: uglyography@gmail.com
  • Phone: 757-947-5122
  • Address: Call us first, or try internet stalking. It's easy!

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