About Steamy Attic Records:

Q: What is Steamy Attic Records?
A: Steamy Attic Records is a homegrown independent record label based in Hampton VA. The name is derived from an attic turned recording studio in a rental home that often reached temperatures of 110 F even with the window AC unit running. Although the rental home was left behind several years ago, the name stuck and Steamy Attic Records lives on.

Q: What kind of music does the label release?
A: So far, all releases have been productions that the label's one-man operator, Matt, has been involved with in some way or another. These include current bands or projects of Matt's, friends' projects, and past self-releases that were previously only available on cassette tape.

Q: Are you looking to sign other bands?
A: Not necessarily, but not necessarily not. At this point in the label's evolution, the funding is not available to provide proper money for several releases from other artists. That being said, just because there is no contract or "signing" per say, Steamy Attic is adamant about promoting and developing the original music scene in Hampton Roads Virginia, and would be more than willing to do what it can to help other bands out, including providing a place for original local artists to sell their music and gain everyone involved a wider fan base.

What I CAN do to help other bands out is to sell their music on this site. That hasn't happened so far but if you'e like to make a gentleman's agreement I am not looking to make money off of you... just helping to build an original music community.

Either way, we're ALWAYS happy to listen to new music. If you want to share your music with us for any reason at all, find details on how to holler at us on the contact page.

Q: Is Steamy Attic Records still a Recording Studio?
A: Yes. Matt has a sound-treated project studio in his home. He uses this space and equipment to record and mix all of his projects. He has occasionally recorded other bands but is not interested in opening the studio for commercial business.

If you have a project that you are interested in recording at the Steamy Attic, let me know, but know that we can't promise anything and would handle availability and compensation on a case-by-case basis.


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