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Matt's quirkadelic rock band and the reason Steamy Attic Records came to be. Now a full force quartet, the band is releasing their new album, Four Shafts are Uglier than One on January 26, 2013. Order the new album from!

Matt's wife Maria and two dudes named Mike join him in a collaboritve and refreshingly original band that is making its mark on the Hampton Roads scene. The sound of Maria's sweet silky vocals over a straight-up rockin guitar-driven backdrop is one for all to hear.


In 2005, several friends convened in an attempt to pen and perform brand new original Christmas tunes. The result is The Fruitcakes. If you are tired of hearing the same old holiday standards every year, check out The Fruitcakes' music and their EP, Eaten By Elves.

From 2000 - 2005 Matt, Jason Helmintoller, and various drummers rocked Hampton Roads as a three piece trio, creating sounds that had never been heard around these parts, and haven't since then. If you missed them in their prime, you can still listen and get their CDs right here.

B-KUTZ SHAKESDABUTZ - Matt's oldest friend in the world has moved out west to Bellingham Washington and rocks his DJ table with a vast variety of old school hip-hop, rap, dance, and bootylicious beats. B-Kutz's official mix release, Audio Therapy, provides the perfect soundtrack to a night in, a night out, or a night together, know what we mean?


Circa 1995 - 1996, The Grease Sky Band screamed, strummed, and pounded their way through the punk rock scene for a large handful of shows. Four best friends hangin out and making some noise. Their single album release was transferred and remastered to CD, finally available again here.

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